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Support Us

The project at the Reina Sofía School of Music is made possible thanks to the assistance provided by public institutions as well as entities and personalities who, with their contributions, allow students to enjoy a comprehensive and personalised teaching experience taught by internationally renowned teachers and artists.

The School offers different ways to collaborate with its educational, cultural and social project:

For the training of musicians

  • Helping students pay for their academic expenses.
  • Granting a scholarship to a student in our School.
  • Supporting a chamber music group economically, which will bear the sponsor’s name.
  • Supporting an instrument/orchestra chair economically, which will bear the sponsor’s name.

For the dissemination of classical music

Offering the public a concert or series of concerts from the School, which will bear the sponsor’s name.

Development of special projects

At the School, in conjunction with our sponsors, we are also open to developing customized projects that conform to the objectives of the institution, while at the same time are able to offer added value to our collaborators. The areas of action for these projects can be set in the digital, social and educational fields, in which we have experienced great success throughout our long history.